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  1. [Borneo Post Online] SEGi College’s centre caters to needs of working adults:
  2. [The Star] Loan options for students:
  3. [TheEdge] Affin partners SEGi to provide financing for students:
  4. [TheEdge] Bursa adds 12 new constituents to FTSE4Good Index:
  5. [The Borneo Post] US Embassy all for collaborative research on respiratory virus:
  6. [The Edge] Cover Story: High-yield companies continue to deliver:
  7. [The Star] Keeping up with latest trends:
  8. [The Star] Reunion dinner away from home:
  9. [The Star] Smart partnership to combat illnesses:
  10. [Borneo Post Online] SEGi College Sarawak students, staff lauded for dedication to succeed:
  11. [The Star] Nurturing experts in early childhood care:
  12. [The Sun] New undergraduate programme:
  13. [Borneo Post Online] Segi University, Duke University ink agreement:
  14. [The Star] Universities to cooperate in R&D on respiratory viruses:
  15. [The Sun] Building leaders:
  16. [The Sun] Continuous learning:
  17. [Borneo Post Online] SEGi to hold health awareness campaign on Sept 28, 29:
  18. [Borneo Post Online] Professor Askey of University of London visits SEGi College Sarawak:
  19. [The Sun] Hospitality education:
  20. [Borneo Post Online] SEGi law graduates score high with second class honours:
  21. [The Sun] Personal growth:
  22. [Borneo Post Online] SEGi student to receive Pearson’s High Achievers Award:
  23. [The Star] Quality educators from USA:
  24. [The Star] Programme by university’s trainee teachers benefit Tamil school pupils:
  25. [The Sun] Keeping up with technology:
  26. [Harian Metro] Pengajian ditaja sepenuhnya:
  27. [The Sun] Shaping business leaders:
  28. [BorneoPostOnline] SEGI Sibu produced 109 doctors in first two years:
  29. [The Sun] New partnerships:
  30. [The Star] University inks MoU with 13 companies for its students’ internship stints:
  31. [The Star] Affordable 4+0 American programme:
  32. [Harian Metro] Tawar JomPAY:
  33. [The Star] How to conquer fear of making the wrong choice:
  34. [StarEdu] Initiative for graduate employability:
  35. [Borneo Post Online] Segi Carnival during Open Day tomorrow:
  36. [BorneoPostOnline] Segi Carnival during Open Day tomorrow:
  37. [BorneoPostOnline] SEGi University & Colleges celebrates 40 years of excellence:
  38. [BorneoPostOnline] SEGi signs agreement with University of Hertfordshire:
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