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1 April 2015

[Borneo Post] SEGI University Medical Society donates TV sets to Sibu hospital

SIBU: The Medical Society of SEGi University (Sibu Sub-Campus) donated two new television sets to the Psychiatric Ward of Sibu Hospital yesterday.

Its president Malini Asokan handed over the donation to Sibu Hospital director Dr Ngian Hie Ung witnessed by Sibu SEGi Campus Associate Dean Professor Mohd Raili Suhaili. Speaking at the occasion, Raili said: “The students had noticed that the old television in this ward was already off colour and thus the need for a replacement. I hope this charitable gesture from the students is a reflection of a character that would help them develop into good doctors.

“Their lives as doctors later would not only be with their patients, but also with the community,” he added.

Dr Ngian thanked the university’s medical society for their generosity and caring attitude towards Sibu Hospital.

“We are always hoping that these psychiatric patients could one day go back and live a normal life in the society. Watching television is an activity that can make them feel they are involve in the real world out there,” she said.

Segi CEO Hew Moi Lan, vice president of the Group Human Capital Management Doreen Ong, and SEGi University Sibu Sub-Campus Clinical, Community, and Research manager of the Faculty of Medicine Margareth Wong Ai Yung were also present.

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