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8 May 2016

[The Star] Artist shares work at campus

IN conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day, SEGi University recently invited Delwin Cheah, a savant artist with Asperger Syndrome to its campus to inspire students at the event “I’m Possible”.

Delwin’s mother Erina Law, shared about raising a savant child with students majoring in early childhood education and psychology.

He was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a form of autism at the age of five.

He subsequently took a non-verbal IQ test where he scored 114, which is above the average score of 90.

Law managed to train Delwin to master Mathematics, to speak and to adapt to overstimulation of sounds.

However, his love for art is purely his own initiative.

Delwin who is now 13, was accorded the title of “the World’s Youngest Savant Artist to hold a solo art exhibition” in the Malaysia Book of Records.

He started to draw when he was three years old.

His drawing mainly consists of animals such as the zebra, horse, lion and tiger.

He has an ability to draw without needing the use of an eraser.

Delwin also brought his drawings for all SEGi students to be admired.

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