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13 September 2015

[The Star] Sharing experiences


Published: Sunday September 13, 2015 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Sunday September 13, 2015 MYT 8:02:47 AM


Life journey: Hii sharing his experiences with staff and students in a talk.

Life journey: Hii sharing his experiences with staff and students in a talk.

SEGi University and Colleges invited its founder and managing director Tan Sri Clement Hii to give a talk on his life journey to inspire staff and students.

The talk which was entitled “A Journey Against All Odds” was attended by top management, key academic staff and students.

The response was overwhelming and chairs had to be added to the auditorium to accommodate more students.

Before his talk started, a montage of photos on Hii was shown.


SEGi University deputy vice-chancellor and chief student affairs officer Prof Datuk Dr Jamaludin Mohaiadin gave a short speech, welcoming and thanking him for making time to share his life’s journey.

Prof Jamaluddin said many students and staff were inspired to meet Hii as they followed him on Facebook and were inspired by his postings.

In his speech, Hii shared his experiences from his childhood to his current life.

“I come from a poor family in Sibu, Sarawak,” he said in his opening remarks.

His first experience as an entrepreneur was when he a newspaper vendor at the age of nine. He later contributed articles to the Borneo Bulletin, a newspaper in Brunei Darussalam where he translated news stories from Sarawak’s Chinese newspapers with the help of his father. This earned him RM50 a month.

Hii subsequently became the chief editor of the Borneo Post, the largest English paper in Borneo, when he was 20. His Form Two English teacher was his deputy chief editor.

He shared that his teacher would say he looked familiar but he did not have the heart to admit that he was his former student.

Hii later returned to college to study law. He decided to buy the institution in Kuching once he had graduated. He became known as “Hii who bought his college”. At the time, the college only had six students.

SEGi University and Colleges which was established 38 years ago, has over 27,500 students, in five major campuses located in the Klang Valley, Penang and Sarawak. It is Malaysia’s largest private higher education provider, offering students a wide selection of programmes to choose from. Its brand promise is “The Best in You, Made Possible”.

“My journey has been like a roller coaster ride and an incredible experience,” he said.

He learned from some big mistakes made along the way. He coined himself as a “Johnny-Come-Lately”. He let others take the lead as he did not want to reinvent the wheel. He assessed the gaps in the market, filled in the vacuum and learnt from other people’s mistakes.

After his speech, he accepted questions from the floor. The audience were pleased to be given an opportunity to engage with him and listen to his answers.

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