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23 June 2015

[The Sun Daily] SEGi raises RM20,000 for Nepal

SEGi Nepalese students with SEGi College Kuala Lumpur registered counsellor and Student Affairs executive Jillian Chan (fourth from left), SEGi University vice chancellor Emeritus Prof Dr Muhamad Awang (fourth from right) and Jamaludin (third from right).

In light of the calamity that affected Nepal recently, SEGi University and Colleges embarked on a fundraising effort to assist the country. As a result, the students and the management of SEGi managed to raise RM20,000 for the people of Nepal.

SEGi, like many other private higher learning institutions in Malaysia, has a sizable number of students from Nepal. Upon receiving the news about the earthquake, the students approached the Student Affairs Department to propose a fundraising effort for their country.

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur also joined the efforts and within two weeks, the amount was raised from both campuses.

“Assisting vulnerable members of the community is the heart of all we do,” enthused SEGi University chief student affairs officer Prof Datuk Dr Jamaludin Mohaiadin.

“Besides shaping the minds of future leaders, we also want to shape their hearts so that they can play a major role in caring for people, to serve the needs of the community and to leave positive impact in the lives of other people,” he added.

The funds raised will be handed over to the Believers Church in Nepal to channel the funds to the village of Aampipal, located in the district of Gorkha where the funds will be used to purchase building materials for homes, food, water and clothing in preparation for autumn and winter.

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