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Consolidated Profit and Loss Statement (in RM’000)
Financial Year Ended December 31
Cost of Services(80,047)(80,232)   
Gross Profit173,136179,901   
Interest Income1,0581,199   
Other Income10,2968,478   
Distribution Costs(26,039)(30,801)   
Administration Expenses(60,374)(63,117)   
Other Expenses(69,853)(65,294)   
Finance Costs(159)(207)   
Profit Before Taxation28,06530,159   
Income Tax(2,901)(3,121)   
Profit for the year from continuing operations25,16427,038   
Loss from discontinued operation, net of tax(1,268)(113)   
Profit After Taxation23,89626,925   
Profit After Tax Attributable To:-     
Owners of the Company24,04627,111   
Minority Interests(150)(186)   
Weighted Avg No of Shares (‘000)722,049701,236   
Adjusted Basic EPS (sen)3.433.75   
Adjusted Diluted EPS (sen)3.433.75   


Depreciation & Amortization(13,580)(13,331)   
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