[StarEdu] Moulding quality grads (11 Dec)

Nov 2016

[The Star] Reaching for the stars (20 Nov)

[StarEdu] Reaching for the stars (20 Nov)

[The Star] Nurturing youths to their full potential (18 Nov)

[Borneo Post Online] High achievers receive Segi’s Principal Award (16 Nov)

[The Star] A boost for cybersecurity (13 Nov)

[The Star] Trainee teachers help improve pupils‘ English (11 Nov)

Oct 2016

[China Press] 院校動脈.SEGi 次屆人才強化計劃學生結業 (24 Oct)

[Borneo Post Online] SEGi medical students learn valuable lessons at HAP (21 Oct)

[The Star] Job seekers get insights into hospitality and tourism sector (20 Oct)

Sep 2016

[The Star] Race around Klang Valley (25 Sep)

[The Star] Nurturing young scientists (11 Sep)

Aug 2016

[The Star] Sealing a solid deal (28 Aug)

[StarBiz] Sealing a solid deal (28 Aug)

[StarBiz] Learning options in Hainan (14 Aug)

[StarBiz] Hii leverages on his experience in education sector (6 Aug)

[StarBiz] Hii – businessman part two (6 Aug)

[China Press] 院校動脈.SEGi U 師生與鋼鐵業協作 (1 Aug)

Jul 2016

[China Press] 院校動脈‧SEGi為30孩子護理牙齒 (18 Jul)

[The Star] Training tie-up with school (17 Jul)

[The Star] Free dental check-up for 31 children (11 Jul)

[NST] Underprivileged kids get whirlwind dentistry tour at SEGi University (3 Jul)

Jun 2016

[Borneo Post] SEGi students spread love for reading and arts at Pustaka Bookaroo Festival (30 Jun)

[Borneo Post] SEGi inks MoU with SEDC to train tourism, hospitality students (29 Jun)

[Borneo Post] SEGi law students attend Islamic Law forum (25 Jun)

[Borneo Post] A chance to learn directly from American professors at SEGi College (22 Jun)

[The Star] Study options for adults (19 Jun)

[Borneo Post] Forum to discuss Islamic law in Malaysia (17 Jun)

[BorneoPost] Industrial trainer shares insight with SEGi hospitality students (15 Jun)

[The Star] Varsity’s state-of-the-art learning (12 Jun)

[The Star] Taking good care of the students (9 Jun)

May 2016

[China Press] 院校動脈.SEGi 強化畢業生6個月 (30 May)

[The Star] Sealing pact on entrepreneurship (29 May)

[BorneoPost] ACCA-SEGi College sign MoA to spearhead programmes (25 May)

[BorneoPost] SEGi Psycomm seminar equips students with employable skills (18 May)

[BorneoPost] SEGi College Team A wins moot contest (11 May)

[BorneoPost] SEGi offers health science and medical degree programme (8 May)

[The Star] Artist shares work at campus (8 May)

Apr 2016

[The Star] New school all set to look good (30 Apr)

[The Star] Students explore job fair (24 Apr)

[BorneoPost] SEGi students attend ‘Life after Law School’ talk (16 Apr)

[BorneoPost] SEGi College workshop on Critical Thinking by renowned speaker Dunstan (8 Apr)

Mar 2016

[StarBiz] Sharing best practices (20 Mar)

Feb 2016

[The Star] SEGi offers degree programmes in partnership with University of Sunderland (19 Feb)

Jan 2016

[The Star] Pact to benefit students (17 Jan)

[The Star] SEGi appoints Azahari as president (14 Jan)

[The Star] A tale of two boys (10 Jan)

[The Star] UK study experience for students (3 Jan)

Dec 2015

[The Star] Servin’ up the beats! (27 Dec)

[The Star] Chinese language and culture at local varsity (20 Dec)

[The Star] Reaching for the stars (13 Dec)

[The Star] Graduates recall challenges and sacrifices in their academic pursuit (11 Dec)

[The Star] Calling entries for SEGi basketball challenge (10 Dec)

Oct 2015

[The Star] Bonding beyond the classroom (16 Oct)

[NST] Segi College Penang celebrates 3rd Alumni Gala Night (11 Oct)

Sep 2015

[The Star] Sharing experiences (13 Sep)

Aug 2015

[The Star] Options and offers aplenty (9 Aug)

Jul 2015

[The Sun Daily] SEGi Q2 results up on better product mix (29 Jul)

[The Edge Markets] SEGi 2Q net profit rises 18% on better product mix (29 Jul)

[Borneo Post Online] SEGI partners up with Troy University (4 Jul)

Jun 2015

[Borneo Post Online] SEGI College Sarawak raring to go with new principal Ivy Lau (30 Jun)

[The Sun Daily] SEGi raises RM20,000 for Nepal (23 Jun)

[Borneo Post Online] SEGi offers courses for working adults (16 Jun)

[Malaysian Reserve] SEGi aims 5%-10% growth annually (11 Jun)

May 2015

[China Press] 院校動脈.SEGi助學生踏出事業第一步 (25 May)

[China Press] 院校動脈.SEGi倡導寵物飼養責任 (4 May)

Apr 2015

[The Star] MOU enables students to pay lower fees for English test (17 Apr)

[China Press] 院校動脈.SEGi UC 推介幼教研究專著 (13 Apr)

[The Sun Daily] New book on early childhood education (7 Apr)

[The Star] Academics focus on early childhood (5 Apr)

[Borneo Post] SEGI University Medical Society donates TV sets to Sibu hospital (1 Apr)

Mar 2015

[Borneo Post] Kolej SEGI tawar program Diploma Pendidikan dan Penjagaan Awal Kanak-Kanak (22 Mar)

[The Star] New partner on board (22 Mar)

[Borneo Post] Early childhood education book by SEGI academicans launched (21 Mar)

[Borneo Post] Worthwhile to pursue childcare course – SEGI College (21 Mar)

[Borneo Post] SEGI celebrates 38 years of educational excellence (21 Mar)

[The Star] Varsity’s ceo honoured (15 Mar)

[The Star] RM38mil in scholarship awaits (14 Mar)

[Nanyang] 韩企Segi借贷7403万 五金冶炼厂房投运 (13 Mar)