Dealings in Listed Securities During Closed Period

We set out below details of the allotments of SEGi shares under the Long Term Incentive Plan (“LTIP”) to the Director and Principal Officers.

Name of Director/ Principal Officer Date of Dealing/ Allotment Issue Price Per Share No. of Shares Allotted % of shareholding
Hew Moi Lan 26 April 2018 RM0* 83,674 0.0068
Chong Poh Yee 26 April 2018 RM0* 30,013 0.0024
Professor Kee Peng Kong 26 April 2018 RM0* 16,307 0.0013
Dr. Tan Saw Poh 26 April 2018 RM0* 37,439 0.0030
Norman Chu Su Jiun 26 April 2018 RM0* 13,566 0.0011
Dr See Hoon Peow 26 April 2018 RM0* 1,412 0.0001

Note: *The shares were granted pursuant to the Performance Share Plan (“PSP”) under the LTIP. The allotments of PSP grants were under the transactions exempted pursuant to Paragraph 14.06 of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad’s Main Market Listing Requirements (“MMLR”). Thus, Paragraph 14.08 of MMLR is not applicable.

This announcement is dated 30 April 2018.