Message from Key Management 2009

2009 Annual Report
Message from Key Management

Mr. Lee Kok Cheng
Group Chief Executive Officer
SEG International Bhd

SEGi fared commendably for the financial year 2009, triumphing over the challenges posed by the economic crisis extending from 2008 and increasing competition from other higher education institutions. The evidence is in the numbers.

The Group experienced a leap of nearly 39% in revenue, which is about RM176.9 million for the year ended 31 December 2009. It is a vast improvement in performance, recording an increase of over RM49.5 million from RM127.4 million in revenue in the previous year. These figures indicate that SEGi performed favourably despite the economic crisis.

SEGi’s strategy of offering internationally recognised industry driven programmes and affordable fees has proven to be effective in both local and foreign students enrolments. The current student population in SEGi stands at more than 20,000, a testament to the success of our product development, product positioning and student recruitment initiatives.

SEGi, as an educational institution, believes in education opportunities for all which why we have various types of scholarships and bursaries to aid deserving and financially needy students to pursue higher education at SEGi. The value of these financial aids run up to a few million per year.

SEGi also recognises the importance in investing in our human capital through staff development in order to not only increase the stock of knowledge amongst our academicians and students but also to redirect this knowledge back into providing quality programmes and an enriching learning experience. Thus, we encouraged staff development through participation and paper presentations at conferences and development programmes. In addition, we awarded 25 lecturers across all campuses scholarships for postgraduate studies with University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

Apart from that, SEGi has been giving back to the community in a variety of ways. SEGi’s commitment to corporate citizenship and social responsibility extends company wide and is embedded in efforts across all of our campuses. We believe that it is essential to proactively promote the public interest by encouraging community growth and development, while also behaving ethically and contributing to economic development. In 2009 alone we held a charity carnival where proceeds were channeled back into local charities, offered local orphanages and homes free dental check-up services, organised a number of awareness talks and exhibitions, our international students helped the homeless and we offered free tuition to underprivileged Form 3 and Form 5 students, amongst other initiatives.

Our staff expanded SEGi’s horizons by initiating special projects involving the United Nations Development Programme, Goethe-Institut Malaysia and Mofid Educational Complex in Iran.

Year 2009 was also a very busy year in terms of placing the groundwork for business expansion plans where SEGi set in motion preparation of the hardware and software necessary for more programmes that cater to the healthcare industry. As we all know, effective healthcare is a global concern; thus, the need for SEGi to play its part.

The launch of new degree and master programmes in 2009 will also provide a sizeable boost in student enrolment for the coming year. With all these developments in 2009 which are ongoing, SEGi can only look forward to greater growth in 2010 and ahead.

Hew Moi Lan
Group Chief Operating Officer
SEG International Bhd

2009 was a year of many preparations for SEGi. This year we laid down more layers to build an even stronger foundation for the Group and to expand its business potential.

Among the steps taken to achieve these objectives was the signing of several Memorandums of Understanding and formation of partnerships with key local and international partners. This move strongly positioned SEGi Education Group to be the preferred choice for higher education in Malaysia and beyond.

In 2009, SEGi continued to showcase its programmes as well as build and strengthen brand presence through targeted and effective marketing initiatives. SEGi made significant headway into various international markets through compelling marketing initiatives and by entering into collaborations with business partners and institutions in China, Zambia, Maldives and Kazakhstan, among others.

In order to deliver a complete learning experience, SEGi ensures that all its campuses are fully-equipped with the latest in academic, research and recreational facilities. As the Group continues to expand its programme offerings, it will continue to upgrade and add to its existing facilities accordingly.

As such, 2009 was a year of many developments across all campuses, namely the development of new purpose-built laboratories at the main campus in Kota Damansara, new laboratories and facilities at SEGi College Subang Jaya, upgrading of the Open Lab with Apple Mac computers, a new training kitchen in SEGi College Kuala Lumpur, a new Resource Centre and Centre for Degree Studies at SEGi College Penang, a new Nursing and Allied Health campus as well as a new Resource Centre at SEGi College Sarawak, and the acquisition of a training restaurant and automotive workshop in SEGi College Seri Kembangan.

Also, SEGi’s plans to make its mark as a leading provider of healthcare programmes require the purchase of high end equipment, machines and upgrade of infrastructure for these new programmes. The costs of these expansion activities will run into millions, but will be well worth the investment in 2010 and beyond.

SEGi experienced a positive year of growth and expansion in 2009 and I am confident that 2010 will again be a memorable and successful year.

Emeritus Professor Dr. Muhamad bin Awang
Vice Chancellor
SEG International Bhd
The year 2009 was an eventful one with many developments which have contributed to the growth of the SEGi Education Group by leaps and bounds.

Since the upgrade of the flagship campus to University College status in 2008, SEGi has developed and launched a list of academic programmes from degree to master level at its various campuses as well as made new partnerships with a number of institutions in various countries.

I am proud that SEGi University College developed and launched its very own MBA programme as well as degree programmes in Business & Accounting, Engineering, Built Environment, Information Technology and Mass Communication within only one year of the upgrade.

We signed a memorandum of understanding with University College of Learning (UCOL ) Wanganui School Design in New Zealand for SEGi’s Creative Arts & Design students to articulate into its Computer Graphic Design degree programme.

SEGi University College also extended bi-lateral collaborations to the African continent through a memorandum of understanding with Mulungushi University in the Republic of Zambia, home of the magnificent Victoria Falls. The partnership will see both institutions working closely and offering selected programmes to Zambian students.

Considering the vast potential and great need for labour in the healthcare industry, SEGi has expanded on its facilities catering to health science programmes. Groundwork has already being done this year to broaden its range of programmes in the health sciences which will materialise in the next year.

SEGi is constantly on the lookout for strategic collaborations. In line with this, delegates from Insititut Perubatan dan Pergigian Termaju (IPPT) of University Sains Malaysia visited SEGi University College campus and discussions were made on a closer working relationship.

All in all, the year has been profoundly productive and has set the stage for further exciting developments in academia.