Message from the Group Managing Director 2017

2017 Annual Report
Message from the Group Managing Director

“Our goal is to continue to develop generations of graduates who will lead, innovate and solve the problems at hand to take on the challenges of the job market.”
Tan Sri Clement Hii
Group Managing Director

In this ever-changing world, education cannot remain stagnant. Education is fundamentally about providing our students with the best intellectual and physical environment to learn and for conducting research. At SEGi, we inspire people, including our staff, to learn, achieve and make the most out of life.

With five campuses, SEGi is unleashing a flood of knowledge to produce graduates who are capable of holding leading positions in the employment market. Our schools and faculties continued to remain vibrant, each led by experienced and motivated scholars and researchers, aimed at inspiring thousands of young minds.

Our talented staff use flexible approaches to deliver industry-relevant curriculum to help students reach their full potential, paving way and preparing
them for the challenging employment market.

In our strategic plan, SEGi has always stressed on training students to work in an international context, while at the same time, facilitate in the formation of learning communities.

We have already taken successful steps towards achieving this and it is reflected in the large number of local and international students on a year-to-year basis. Since our establishment in 1977, SEGi has more than 120,000 alumni. However, this does not mean we can rest on our laurels. The statistics proved that we are on the right track and SEGi, as a group, should continue with our efforts.

For the long-term, SEGi is geared to improve not only the quality of education, but also to build more opportunities for students and create a better working environment for the employees.

Looking back at the past year, SEGi has succeeded in positioning itself as an excellent higher education provider, rooted in its own region and also recognised as a centre that brings together the brightest young minds, with the aim of producing graduates of the 21st century.

In the coming years, SEGi will strengthen this position, so that we can continue to make a contribution to the society. Here’s our bottom line: we illuminate the brain to spark the hearts and minds of youths, in hopes that the students will realise a life goal that changes their path in the future.