[StarEdu] Career tips via power talk series

Toh gave a talk to students.

Toh gave a talk to students.

THE SEGi Aspiring Entrepreneurs Club (AEC) organised a Power Talk featuring Derek Toh, the founder and chief executive officer of WOBB, a Malaysian job search platform.

The title of the talk was “Entrepreneurial Journey – Building your career in the first 10 years” at SEGi College Subang Jaya.

Toh spoke about his journey of becoming a self-made businessman, inspiring philosophies, tips and advice through five engaging short stories; “The Rich Entrepreneur”, “The Farmer”, “Please Mentor Me”, “I was a Director”, and “Chase your Dreams” to more than 70 SEGi students.

Toh said he has given similar talks to university students previously. However, it was his first time giving a talk, which included important messages and advice with a series of short stories to his audience.

“I think it would be easier to engage the students by telling short stories that are relevant to them in the near future. The moral of the story would be more memorable for them,” he said.

This power talk series, he added, is a good initiative for universities to organise as it provides students with career advice before they graduate.

“The first few years of an individual’s career move can have a major impact and can determine the rest of his career paths.

“I am hoping to help the students in SEGi by giving them some career advice to prepare them well before they join the workforce.

“The resume clinic that we organised will also help the students in their first step on their career journey,” added Toh.

SEGi College Subang Jaya second year Bachelor of Accounting and Finance student Tengku Puteri Umairah found the talk interesting and useful.

“The speaker shared five stories on how to become a successful entrepreneur, but from each story it has a lesson or moral.

“I learned something new from the resume clinic and have an idea on how to create one in the future,” she said.

SEGi College Subang Jaya second year Bachelor of Arts Business and Management student Fatin Munirah Azwel said the talk allowed her to gain more knowledge.

Starting in July this year, the AEC, a student-led organisation at SEGi started the Power Talk Series. It provides SEGi students with the opportunity to learn directly from leading academics and high-profile leaders including SEGi Group managing director Tan Sri Clement Hii and Hermo marketing manager CK Khong.