[The Sun] Building leaders

SEGI students are encouraged to explore and join the enrichment programme that offers more than 100 insightful workshops aimed at developing soft skills to meet the needs of the industry and their future employers.

DESPITE how the business climate in Malaysia is expected to be challenging in 2018, several occupation fields remain high in demand according to the 2017 Malaysia Salary and Employment Outlook.

Based on the report, opportunities are seen to be aplenty in the business, accounting and management sectors.

Employees in the finance and accounting sectors can expect between 10% to 20% increments when they switch roles, while candidates with experience in financial planning, analysis and strategic planning are likely to be just in demand.

In SEGi University and Colleges, the Faculty of Business, Accounting and Management (FOBAM) knows what it takes to produce competent and qualified graduates to fill in any vacancies in these sectors.

Tailored to meet not only the industry and students’ needs, SEGi’s academic modules further build them into leaders that can bring change locally and globally.

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) for SEGi College University Kuala Lumpur was established in an effort to develop top notch programmes to unearth and enhance the capabilities of its graduates.

As SEGi wants to build a future with young and bright minds, the institution ensures a complete study route for school leavers from pre-university all the way to doctorate studies. To ease the transition from secondary school to a university degree, SEGi offers the Foundation in Commerce.

Upon completion of pre-university studies, students are able to choose from several homegrown undergraduate programmes in accounting and finance as well as up to four specialisations in business management; human resource management, financial management, general management and marketing management.

Through collaborations with some of the world’s most prestigious universities across the world, SEGi and its university partners provide a wide range of degree programmes with the most comprehensive academic modules and curriculum to ensure their students are prepared after graduation to enter the workplace.

It’s not all about classroom and exams at SEGi. They are adamant to produce work-ready graduates by encouraging students to explore and join the insightful enrichment programme. The programme offers more than 100 workshops from grooming to interpersonal communication and many more.

This is in line with SEGi’s vision and mission to ensure graduates possess skills to meet industry demands.