Message from Key Management 2015

2015 Annual Report
Messages from Key Management

Hew Moi Lan 
Group Chief Executive Officer
SEG International Bhd

The year 2015 saw SEGi upping its game in the light of the unpredictable economic climate. However, SEGi was still able to weather it through, and most importantly, foster a healthy community of eager learners. 

As a result, SEGi won a formidable number of awards. SEGi won its third Gold trophy at the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Awards 2015 and our fourth Silver at the Putra Brand Awards 2015. We were also awarded the Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards 2015 and voted among the top 5 higher learning institutions in Malaysia by students via
the Courses Now! Students Choice Awards 2015. 

In the recent MyQUEST results for 2014/2015, SEGi College Subang Jaya, SEGi College Kuala Lumpur, SEGi College Penang and SEGi College Sarawak achieved unprecedented accomplishments. MyQUEST is the Malaysian Quality Evaluation System for Private Colleges. Carried out every two years since 2011, MyQuest rates private colleges from
one (poor) to six stars (excellent). 

SEGi College Subang Jaya achieved an astounding 6 Stars in 7 out of 8 clusters that it participated in, making it the best performer amongst our campuses. SEGi College Kuala Lumpur obtained 6 Stars in Arts & Humanities and also Health & Welfare, Services, Social Sciences, Business & Law. It also scored 5 Stars in International Student Services.
SEGi College Penang scored 5 Stars in College-base, Science, Math & Computing, Services, Social Sciences, Business & Law and also International Student Services while SEGi College Sarawak garnered 5 Stars in College-base, Arts & Humanities, General Programmes, Health & Welfare and International Student Services. 

With our skills and capabilities, we are perfectly placed to lead SEGi as the leading higher education provider in Malaysia. When I look at what we have achieved so far, I see a future of opportunities. What we need to do now is unlock the potential which exists within SEGi – and to do that, we need to do some key things differently. 

At corporate level, we have realigned our strategies and are focusing on our unique strengths and talents to take SEGi’s vision and mission to greater heights. One example is synergising all Human Resources and Finance matters so that all 5 campuses get the relevant support they need to function effectively. 

SEGi is a great success story. We have grown to be one of the largest higher education providers in the nation. Challenging times may lie ahead of us and we must be prepared for further volatility in the coming months, but we can emerge stronger and we believe our destiny is in our own hands. If we remain focused, we can succeed.