[The Star] Quality educators from USA


SEGi students will be taught by professors from Troy University in the US.

SEGi students will be taught by professors from Troy University in the US.

SEGi College Penang prides itself in offering top-notch American education in various ways.

The latest rewarding innovation involves bringing highly experienced professors from SEGi’s university partner, Troy University, to teach at the college.

Dedicated professors from Troy University will teach between six and 10 courses in different majors including Psychology and Global Business.

The presence of American professors at SEGi creates an enriched and effective learning environment for students.

They will help incorporate the latest American teaching techniques and topical courses such as Forensic Psychology to SEGi students.

This improves the learning outcomes for those taking up American degree programmes.

Students from SEGi Penang, accompanied by a faculty mentor, will receive specialised instruction at SEGi College Kuala Lumpur.

The ADP at SEGi Penang offers more than just classroom learning.

It cultivates critical thinking skills in almost every course.

SEGi programmes are highly flexible as students can choose and combine a number of majors and minors.

There is continuous assessment through quizzes, term papers, group projects, assessed presentations and exams.

SEGi College Penang is offering a great deal for the new intake of students on Aug 28.

New students can enjoy a total RM5,000 rebate for the four-year American degree programme in Penang under the 4+0 option.

Alternatively, students are given the flexibility to spend the first three years in SEGi Penang and complete the remaining year at Troy University in the US under the 3+1 option.

The option entails savings of at least RM200,000 compared to the 2+2 option, while still availing SEGians of the 12-month Optional Practical Training in the US and allows students to attain the H1-B visa track.

Students can complete the ADP locally by paying an annual fee of RM14,000. This special offer is available for a limited time only.