[The Sun] Shaping business leaders

Mark Mathen Victor


SEGi’s academic modules are tailored to ensure business graduates are equipped with soft skills and work ethics, fit for the job market.

FORTY¬†years of academic excellence has provided SEGi with more than enough experience to sculpt tomorrow’s titans of business and entrepreneurship, with SEGi University and Colleges’ Faculty of Business and Accountancy (Foba) leading the production of innovative graduates that meet the needs and wants of a constantly, rapidly evolving economic world.

In a recent news conference, Human Resource Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem has urged graduates to consider venturing into the entrepreneurial scene as one of the efforts for Malaysia to prepare itself into becoming a high-income society by 2020. With this in mind, SEGi’s academic modules are tailored to meet not only the industry and students’ needs, but also to mould them into leaders who can help bring changes for betterment in Malaysia and globally.

The collaboration between Foba and some of the best universities around the world allows the continuous tweaking and introduction of new curriculum that are suitable towards ensuring students are able to remain consistently competitive in their respective job markets, as any effective career growth would first begin in the classroom.

With a focus on progressively enhancing the soft skills and work ethics of students due to a comprehensive business education, SEGi graduates easily find themselves employed within three months with a 100% success rate.

SEGi is recognised as “The first Malaysian University that earned 5 Stars for prioritising society’s needs in Malaysia” by QS Stars, an international evaluation system for universities based on auditing.

With a multitude of foundation, diploma, executive diploma, homegrown or dual award degree programmes, 3+0 collaborative degrees or 2+1 articulation pathways for those seeking a degree that gives exposure in a foreign country, SEGi has their bases covered to achieve their primary objective, that is the production of graduates with exceptional foundations for personal and professional success.